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I was invited to Francesca Marotta’s Autumn Winter 2012 collection – ‘Amore della mia Vita’ at Goldsmith’s Hall during London Fashion Week. The venue was impressive, with incredibly embellished ceilings and decadent interiors, fitting of her stunning and dramatic catwalk.

The show’s title means ‘Love of my life’ and the catwalk played out like an emotional love story, with twists and turns and very powerful female characters. Inspired by the strong women of Sicily, the catwalk started with black lace, veils and mourning widows.

Not only were the models and the clothes telling a unique story but the bold colours, beautiful fabrics and clean cuts made sure that this show was an instant hit. This sensational red number was my favourite. Her designs were beautifully complemented by incredibly striking and intricate jewellery by Milko Boyarov.

Not only was the collection and jewellery dramatic but so was the make up by Issidora with AOFM.

The story continued down the catwalk with emotive displays of heartbreak, drawn from Francesca’s childhood memories of Sicilian summers where she’d watch the processions of men dressed as Jesus whipping themselves, followed by the women, dressed in their Sunday best, trailing behind in deep mourning. Here’s another of her beautiful lace dresses with a majestic Crown of Thorns.

Her collection also used wool, cashmere, brocade, silk, hand knits and leather. The whole collection was just stunning.

A very blurry photo of the woman herself:

Next season, I’ll be begging POP PR for an invite!

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