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Posted on: Jun 14, 2013,  Categories: Food

It’s finally summer and even though the sun is shining, I thought I’d try out an indoor picnic this season, complete with mini picnic table for something a bit different for lunch!

At Garden Kitchen, in Eldon Garden, they have a menu of delights, including their very popular ‘Garden Picnic’!

dsc_16511For those, who DO want to head outside, in the crazy chance it isn’t raining in England, not to fear, the restaurant also do picnics to take away too!

The food is, exactly as it looks, incredible! The best thing on the picnic menu however, has got to be the scotch egg. I didn’t even LIKE scotch eggs until I tried this one. It’s warm and so so tasty! I can only explain it, in the way that, if you’ve ever tried supermarket sushi (dry, tasteless and kept in the fridge for way too long) as opposed to real sushi (fresh, succulent and not a dry grain of rice in sight!), you’ll never want to have the standard processed equivalent again! I didn’t think they could taste so good!

screen-shot-2013-06-08-at-20-43-04The Garden Picnic, comprises of sandwiches, (the now infamous) scotch egg, sausage roll, piccalilli, coleslaw, potato salad, quinoa salad, chocolate brownie and lemon posset. It’s ideal for lunch, covering savoury and a bit of sweetness at the end!

dsc_16531We paired it with some fresh FRESH home-made lemonade – a must order for anyone visiting.

dsc_16491Overall, I was incredibly surprised by this little secret hidden gem in Eldon Garden. It’s now a firm favourite lunch time treat!

dsc_16421I personally can’t wait to head back to try out their afternoon tea!

For lunch at Garden Kitchen, I couldn’t think of anything more apt, than wearing flowers in my hair! Check back again soon, as I’ll be blogging shortly about the full outfit, including the incredible not one but two £3 bargain buys!

Ciao for now!


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