Shopping Tips & Top Places to Shop for Fashion in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is famous for being one of the best places in the world to shop. It’s a 24 hour city, which means shops are open til crazy late hours. As some of you know, I recently visited over Christmas, so here’s my Top Places to shop for fashion and top shopping tips, for if you ever decide to venture out there!

Top 5 Hong Kong Shopping Tips

5) Shop late
Don’t bother venturing out shopping until about 11am. Shops open their doors late in the city – which also mean they close late. Sometimes they’re open until after midnight so there’s plenty of time to shop up a storm.

hong kong shopping chicest blog fashion

4) Haggle
Haggle at the Ladies Market. If you don’t find the right price and you start walking away, some vendors will shout out after you. However, it’s still worth shopping around, just some stalls down I saw things for half the price they were at the first few stalls I visited.

3) Be patient
The most annoying thing about ‘proper’ shops as opposed to market stalls is the CONSTANT hassle you get from ‘helpful’ store assistants. ‘Do you want to try that on?’ ‘Do you want that in another colour?’ Best thing to do is nod politely and then ignore them. If you start to speak to them, they will just never leave you alone. Sounds awful, but it’s the only way and most of them are used to it.

2) Sizes
People in Hong Kong are tiny! The ‘one size fits all’ option is called ‘Free size’ and believe me it’s not ‘free-ing’ at all. Basically I am nowhere near this so-called ‘Free size’. I believe, unless it’s baggy, most of the time, it fits people that are around size 6-10. As well as that, a lot of smaller stalls, don’t let you try anything on, so you have to weigh up if you think your guess is worth the bargain.

1) Districts
The good thing about shopping in the city is that there’s literally a district for anything. Want electronics? There’s a market for that. Want a wooden chopping board? There’s a street dedicated to selling those. Gold, pets, antiques – you name it. Do your research beforehand and see what takes your fancy as this city has everything!

hong kong shopping chicest blog fashion

Top 5 Shops for Fashion

5) Shanghai Tang
If you’ve got the moolah, then this is the place to go for beautiful Chinese inspired fashion. It’s sadly out of my budget, but I oohed and ahhed and picked up their lookbook to ooh and ahh some more over later.

hong kong shopping chicest blog fashion  shanghai tang

4) Chocoolate
One of my favourite clothes shops, this store caters to men and women and has some great pieces. They do collaborations all the time. Whilst I was there it was ‘Bruce Wayne’! LOVE!!!!

hong kong shopping chicest blog fashion chocoolate

3) Lane Crawford
Hong Kong’s answer to Harvey Nichols. Mainly designer and quite pricy, but it’s a stunning store and has pretty much everything you could desire under one roof.

2) G2000
I love this shop. It’s basically just fantastic workwear for men and women. It’s apparently targeted at graduates but I’ve found some gorgeous work dresses, shirts and other fantastic pieces there that will suit all ages. Some have lasted me years and I’ve worn them constantly to work. If work wear dominates most of your wardrobe, it’s well worth a visit.

hong kong shopping chicest blog fashion  g2000 graduate fashion shop1) Mini Boutiques at Shopping Centres
For fashion, I don’t really recommend the markets (unless you’re looking for faux designer handbags – that’s Ladies Market, ahem, you need to hit if so!). Reason being, you’re not likely to find anything but tourist tees or typical ‘Chinese’ style dresses. You can hit the normal shopping centres, those have plenty of great stores, but if you do enough research, I’d advise visiting the shopping centres off the beaten track, which house plenty of small boutiques.

Here you can get cheap fashionable items. I picked up some real bargains, from jewellery, beauty products to cute shirts all from £2 to £20 in a shopping centre at Kwai Fong. Check out this gorgeous shirt, that only cost me £7 and the lovely Pacman and Space Invaders earrings (yes, complete geek c’est moi):

hong kong shopping chicest blog fashion

hong kong shopping chicest blog fashion

Hope this post comes in useful if you ever head to this amazing city. Another quick post coming up soon on my Top Places to visit for Beauty as well as my incredible Hong Kong Beauty haul!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now! x

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