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Posted on: Feb 10, 2016,  Categories: Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle & Events

The most famous thing about Smart cars is their size. Everyone knows how small and easy they are to drive. However, what people don’t expect is how they’re actually massive inside! I always call mine a cardis. I thought I’d test out how big the car really was though, on a shopping trip to Ikea…

smart car forfour blue proxy review blogTo start with the Smart For-Four is a lot bigger than the traditional Smart car as it seats four people incredibly comfortably. Plus it’s actually got a massive boot, perfect for all my shopping needs.

smart car forfour blue proxy review blogIt’s the perfect size for me, as I feel incredibly comfortably driving it and squeezing into small car parking spaces. However, the engine’s super powerful so I really feel like it pulls its weight next to the big mean cars on the motorway.

There’s loads of super handy features such as 180 degree doors, making it easy to load things into the back seats and what I call swivel factors. The car seats are really easy to pop down. The back seat swivels down and the back rest folds flat just by pulling a little tag. I love showing people this feature as they’re so impressed by how it literally takes me seconds to set it up or down.

So this trip to Ikea. I needed a bookcase, a BIG bookcase and you may have thought it just couldn’t be done in my little Smart but we took on the challenge. This was the monster flatpack in question:

smart forfour chicest review ikeaWe simply folded the front seat and back seat back and took off the boot shelf and slid the bookcase in.

smart forfour chicest review ikeaWe still had plenty of room in the boot and the whole thing fitted in really easily. I was able to sit back in my driving seat, whilst there was still room for one in the back.

smart forfour chicest review ikea

It really wasn’t any hassle – so much so, we went to the cinema afterwards before heading home to set it up.

If you’re still not impressed, check out this video, where you can get a whole ROOM inside a Smart car!

What’s even more impressive than the size is the cost! It’s currently just a £149 deposit and £149 per month and that’s it! You have to sort out your own insurance but it’s got ZERO road tax and no MOT for 3 years. Lucky for you, breakdown cover is included and there’s also an amazing 3 years warranty.

For your test drive, contact them via their website here.

Posted on: Feb 6, 2016,  Categories: Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle & Events, This Girl Can

this girl can flashmob newcastle marks and spencerWell it’s not everyday you join in an exercising flash mob on the main high street in the city! I jumped in with lots of girls who can, on a busy lunchtime in the middle of the city centre to a fully fledged aerobic regime.

this girl can flashmob newcastle marks and spencerIt was so much fun and I got to wear some of the brand new gorgeous kit from Marks and Spencer too. We were positioned right outside the store, where they’re now stocking the Official This Girl Can range.

this girl can flashmob newcastle marks and spencerThey’ve got some gorgeous pieces and what’s great is that 8% of all sales goes to Sport England to help fund projects that help women be more active.

You can see some of the action here:

If you want to get your hands on the active range yourself, pop into the store or check it out online here.

this girl can flashmob newcastle marks and spencerNewcastle is also looking for girls who can for their This Girl Can awards – think you know #ThisGirlCan superstar? Get nominating here!